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Built and run by black cab drivers, doing their bit to keep black cabs on London’s roads, and to offer passengers a better way of getting about

Why taxiapp

TaxiApp has always been the ride hailing app by drivers for drivers. That means we listen to your concerns and your wishes, and in that spirit, we are delighted to announce several significant changes:

Subscriptions fees have gone. Forever.
Lowest commission in the industry – 10% + VAT
0% commission for all drivers until the 1st of June
Introduction of the ‘closest driver’ function, and jobs offered to one driver at a time.
We are also rolling out our Driver Rewards program, which will allocate points based on your billing. As a thank you to all current drivers your historical subscription fees will be converted to points.

Reward Points will give you a proportional share of dividends at the end of the year – this is a profit share, with the goal that you will be able to further reduce your effective commission rate. All drivers will share, forever, in the financial success of TaxiApp


TaxiApp will always be run with the best interests of drivers at its heart. Below are the rules that are set out in the company’s articles that can only be changed if the majority of drivers support it.

Drivers are and will always be the largest shareholders in the Taxiapp Partnership
Drivers will have an absolute veto on Taxiapp ever extending to Private Hire
Drivers will have an absolute veto on commission ever increasing above 10% +VAT
Drivers will have an absolute veto on selling Taxiapp

A “veto” vote provides drivers with the right to reject a decision, or a proposal made by Taxiapp Partnership Ltd.

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With us, there are no hidden extras. No surge charges. No random fees added on to your bill. Or taken from our cabbies. Our prices are set by TfL and you pay what’s on the meter.


The knowledge is what sets licensed cab drivers apart. They know London’s roads better than they know themselves. So you’ll get where you’re going quickly and safely.

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Five or six passengers

All black cabs can take five passengers.
If your group’s bigger though, you can book a six seater. All for the same price. Yes, that’s correct, the same price.

Accessible to all

All black cabs are wheelchair accessible with integrated ramps. They also have hand grips for ease of access and hearing loops. Assistance dogs are also welcome. London’s for everyone, after all.

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London’s black cabs are unique. They’ve been around longer than Big Ben. And are renowned the world over. It takes years of study to get The Knowledge. And we’re held to the highest standards of safety. So whether you street hail or e-hail via our app. You know you’re in safe hands.

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