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Before the tube, there were Hackney carriages. When flying cars arrive, we’d like to think they’ll be black cabs. That’s our motivation. Not profit. Not to be the biggest. We’re just cabbies who want to keep these icons part of London life.

To achieve this, we realised we had to get with the times. We got greener – more and more black cabs are now electric. And we built our app. We had The Knowledge. We just needed to tech to go with the tradition. Which now we have.

We’re not the biggest player in the taxi app game. More the plucky underdog. But our coverage is growing. We don’t mind if you street hail or use us to e-hail a cab. We just want to encourage you to use a black cab. And support all those that call London’s streets their office.

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Run by cabbies for you. All our directors and team are licensed black cab drivers themselves. On London’s roads day in day out. So as you can imagine, this has been a learning of a learning curve for us.

But wanted to make it easier for people to enjoy the service we can offer. Putting the power of The Knowledge at your fingertips and getting you to your destination quickly, efficiently and safely. You may even get one of us picking you up and we can tell you more about our journey so far.