Thanking Businesses and Associates for their help and support for Taxiapp.

Associates and businesses who took an objective view of our business, made clear and concise recommendations and showed genuine interest in helping us succeed. This has led to tangible business benefits we are now feeling for months later. Starting and growing a business is never easy. I truly believe that having access to this team of skilled consultants including Cab garages (Cols Cabs) Green Huts ( Russell SQ, Temple Place, Kensington …….) and so many venues with real experience and genuine enthusiasm for our business has been a marked factor in our success… We are now more adaptable, command a stronger brand and think progressively about our short and mid-term growth. In an ever competitive market this is the sort of advantage that differs successful companies from failure.

We truly appreciate your help and support, and we’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us.

A big Thank you to some London Green Huts Owners who gave us the opportunity to use their spaces to keep Taxiapp printed stock to be collected by Taxi drivers.