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We’ve tried to answer the most common questions about Taxiapp here. If the information you’re looking for isn’t here, just drop us a line via our contact page. We’re here to help.

About Taxiapp

What is Taxiapp?
Taxiapp is London’s only ‘work focused’ app that is wholly owned and run by the drivers themselves. We’re a not for profit co-op with one aim – namely helping to make sure that the black cab doesn’t disappear from London’s streets. There’s no money men behind us. We don’t put any extra fees on you or your customers after each fare. We’re funded by our membership fees and it’s our members who we answer to.

Why should I sign up?
As we all know, the market has changed forever. There’s a lot of competition out there and as a trade, we were being left behind. We created Taxiapp to fight back, to give black cabbies their own app that doesn’t gouge them or their customer.

Individually, we can’t beat the corporate apps. But together, as a trade, we can. No one else is going to help us. It’s up to us. We must never forget that we are the only official taxi service in London.

We owe it to ourselves and our passengers to put the trade back in the hands of the workforce. We now have something we have never had before, our own App that is trade owned and cannot be sold. We now have the chance to win back our work from the corporate apps. The fight back starts now.

Do you have any accounts?
We have gained some very loyal customers who use us daily. We are working hard to get more customers. The more drivers we have on board, the more we can achieve.

Terms & Conditions / Driver Conduct

What are the key terms & conditions?
As we’ve got nothing to hide, our key terms & conditions are pretty simple.
1. We do not charge for run ins.
2. We do not have a minimum fare.
3. We give up to 2 minutes of free waiting time on all jobs.
4. All jobs are paid commission free

Membership to Taxiapp is £20.00 per month payable via GoCardless.

Do you have any rules concerning Driver Conduct?
We take the conduct of our drivers very seriously and we always expect them to behave in a reasonable manner. At all times we expect our drivers to:
1. Be courteous and professional to all our customers and members of the public.
2. Act in a manner that is not likely to bring Taxiapp into disrepute.
3. Do their best to arrive at the pickup location on time and communicate with our passengers
4. Fulfil their commitments once they have accepted a Taxiapp job.
5. Enter the correct fare into the app and charge our passengers appropriately.
If at any time we feel that any of our drivers are not adhering to the above rules of conduct, we will start disciplinary procedures against the driver in question which could ultimately lead to them being removed from Taxiapp.

Membership Fee

How do I pay my membership to Taxiapp?
Membership fees are £20.00 per month and are paid by direct debit via GoCardless. All drivers will need to set up a mandate, prior to their Driver App being activated. Please use the link below, if you need to set up a GoCardless direct debit:

Why do I have to pay membership to Taxiapp?
In short, because it costs us money to run it. No one is making anything from TaxiApp and all the jobs are commission free. We created TaxiApp to take a stand against the continual erosion of the trade. It is only with driver support, through membership, that this has been possible. As a cooperative, every member holds a share of TaxiApp and it can’t be sold. Our aim is for the trade to be free from the current corporate grip.

Can I cancel my account?
Yes, you can cancel at any time. Your last payment date will reflect the date your Driver App will be suspended.

Phone Requirements

What type of smartphone do I need?
Android version 4.0+ / iOS version 10.0+

How much data will I need?
As you’ll need to call your passengers and send/receive data through the app, we’d recommend you have a phone plan that gives you a minimum of 200 minutes call time and at least 2GB of data per month.

Registration & Signing In

How do I register and get verified?
Registering is very quick and simple. So that we can verify you, you will need a photo of yourself, your bill and your bank account’s IBAN number for your bank, so that we can pay you. (You may need to contact your bank for the IBAN number.)

After making sure you have all the necessary documentation and details, the first thing to do is to download and install the App. Once its downloaded, open the App and ‘ALLOW’ us to send you Notifications and ‘Access your Location’ when prompted. Enter your mobile number and tap ‘REQUEST CODE’. You will receive an SMS, enter the number you’re sent by us and press ‘DONE’.

If you are experience any issues, please email and a member of the team will call to help you.

I’m having trouble signing up on the app, what can I do?
The first thing to do is check you’ve entered your details correctly (license details, email address and phone number). If you’re still having trouble, send an email with details of the problem to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’ve signed up, when can I start taking jobs?
Once you have signed up, we need to verify your documents. Once that’s done, you’ll receive a text from us when your App is active. This will take less than 24 hours.

I’ve registered but not received a text, what can I do?
If after 24 hours you haven’t received a text, send us an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I go on shift?
Log into your driver App with your mobile and press ‘START SHIFT’.
If you would like to go unavailable tap ‘FREE’ or ‘END SHIFT’ and you will revert to ‘BUSY’ or ‘END SHIFT’.

Can you resend me the App code?
Of course, just email us at and we’ll resend it.

App Issues

I’m not receiving any jobs?
It could be you’re not be getting jobs via the app due to a low demand at that given time and location. It’s also worth trying the following to ensure the app is working properly:

1. First ensure you ‘START SHIFT’.
2. Check your internet connection try accessing a website on your phone.
3. Check your location, try going to GoogleMaps or AppleMaps to see if your location matches your current position.

If you still think there is a problem, please contact us through the App. Select ‘Get in Touch’ and send an ‘Email’ explaining the issues you’re having.

I can’t login – What do I do?
If you’re having trouble logging into the App, please try the following:
1. Check you have entered the correct phone number.
2. Check for updates of the App in the App/Google Play store.
3. Uninstall current app and reinstall if there is no update available.
If you’re still having trouble, send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Taking A Taxiapp Job

How do I take a Taxiapp job?
Once you have been verified, open the App and tap ‘START SHIFT’. Make sure you are ‘FREE’. The ‘Free’ button will be blue. Job offers arrive with a sound notification.

If you have the App open on your phone, the job offer will also appear on your home screen.
If you have it running in the background, you’ll receive a job notification message. Tap this and the App will open, letting you view it.

All job offers come with the option to ‘ACCEPT’ or ‘REJECT’. If you do nothing, after 20 seconds the job will disappear.

If you accept the job, you’ll see the customer’s pickup location on the screen.

Make your way to the customer. The customer can see where you are on their app as you approach them.

The job details will either say ‘App’ or ‘Cash’. App means the customer is paying through the App. Cash means they are going to pay you direct by cash or via your own credit card machine in your taxi.

If you are going to be delayed please let the customer know. You can send an SMS from your journey details.

Once at the pickup tap ‘ARRIVED’. The customer will know where you are waiting. If you have tapped arrived too early or in a different location, or you are just unsure where the customer is, call the customer.

When the customer arrives, ensure you verify the name of the customer. You can see the name in the app. When confirmed, tap “START JOURNEY” and head to the customer’s destination.

We would suggest not letting the customer vacate the taxi until you have confirmation that the payment has been successful.

At the destination tap ‘COMPLETE’ and enter the fare and tap ‘CHARGE’. Before tapping ‘Charge’ please check that you have entered the fare correctly.

If the customer is paying via ‘App’ you will receive a message stating the payment has been successful. If you receive a message stating the payment has been declined please seek an alternative payment from the passenger.

If you have any problems please let us know by contacting us through the App. Select ‘Get in Touch’ and send an ‘Email’.

When do I start my meter?
Passengers are given up to two minutes free waiting time. So you should start your meter when they get in or if they make you wait longer than the free two minutes waiting time. If you are made to wait, you should contact the passenger to let them know you’ll be starting the meter. Their details will be in the journey details of the job.

What should I do if a passenger asks me to wait?
If you’re made to wait longer than two minutes at the pickup point, you can start your meter. Before you do, please contact the passenger to make them aware of this fact before you do this.

Payment & Wallet Questions

How do I know if the job is cash or card?
Each job’s details outline how the customer will be paying. ‘App’ means through the App and ‘Cash’ means the customer will pay you with cash or via your own card machine. On cash jobs, please enter the total amount paid into the App. If your customer is paying via ‘App’, please make sure the payment has been successful before letting them exit.

How do I take payment for a Taxiapp job?
There are two ways you can take payment for a Taxiapp job, via the App or directly by cash or card.

Cash or card directly
When you get to the destination, tap ‘COMPLETE’, enter the meter fare and then tap ‘CHARGE’. Once you’ve done that, simply collect the fare from the passenger via cash or your credit card machine in your taxi.

When you get to the destination, tap ‘COMPLETE’, enter the meter fare and then tap ‘CHARGE’. You’ll receive a message that the Payment (via the App) has been successful. Please check this, as the passenger’s card may be declined. If this is the case, you will be notified and will need to seek an alternative payment from the customer.

I’ve entered the incorrect fare, what should I do?
It’s always good practice to double check the fare you enter before you tap ‘Charge’. If you enter the wrong fare, let us know as soon as possible by selecting ‘Get in Touch’ and then ‘Email’. To help us rectify the situation, please include the job details. We’ll then get in touch with the passenger and make the necessary arrangements.

The customer has paid me directly and has also been charged by the app?
If a passenger has paid you directly, but also been charged via the App, let us know as soon as you can. Simply tap ‘Get in Touch’ then ‘Email’ to get in touch. Please include the job details, we will then refund/void the payment through the App and let the passenger know.

My screen froze whilst trying to complete the fare amount?
If at the end of a journey, you are unable to take payment – for example, the App froze – simply close the app from background and reopen. If you’re not sure if the transaction was successful, you can check your email for the job receipt and/or check your job history. If you’re still not sure, use the ‘Get in Touch’ and ‘Email’ option in the App to contact us.
Alternatively, you can email us at

What is my wallet?
The wallet shows you the fare amount for each In-App ride completed on the App. The monies in your wallet are paid without any processing fees and are commission free. Cash jobs through the App are not included in your wallet.

Destination & Pickup

When will I know the destination?
If the passenger decides to add the destination when ordering, you will see this on the job details. Otherwise the passenger will tell you on boarding.

How do I know I’ve got the right passenger?
Before a passenger gets in your taxi, you must verbally confirm their name matches the name on the job you accepted. It’s also worth telling them your name for the same reasons. Taking these steps will help to avoid non-payment and passenger complaints.

I’m having problems getting to the right pickup point?
If you are having trouble getting to the right pickup point, give the passenger a call. You can do this by tapping the phone icon on the job details.

What happens if I breakdown en-route to a pickup?
The first thing to do is let the passenger know. You can call them by tapping the phone icon on the job details. Explain the situation and then cancel the job on the App.

What do I do when I’ve arrived at the pickup location?
When you get to the pickup location tap ‘ARRIVED’. The App will then automatically send the passenger a message to say you’ve arrived. To avoid be kept waiting, it’s also an idea to give them a call. If the passenger has set the pickup for an unsafe location (e.g. a large intersection, etc) pull up somewhere more suitable and call the passenger.

Street Hails & Availability

How do i let you know when I have a street hail on board?
Simply tap ‘FREE’ when you have any passenger onboard, this will make you ‘BUSY’ and you will not be sent any jobs from Taxiapp. Just remember to switch it back to ‘Free’, when you’re ready to accept jobs again.

Do I have to accept Taxiapp jobs?
No, if for example the traffic near you is too heavy to get to the pickup location quickly, just tap ‘REJECT’ when you get a job offer. We’ll then send the job to the next nearest driver.
This is why it\s important to remember to go ‘Busy’ if you’re unavailable, as it helps us provide a better service to our customer.

Why do I have to go ‘Busy’?
By going ‘Busy’, you let us know that you have a passenger and can’t accept a Taxiapp booking. This helps us provide a better service to our customers.

Lost Property & Passenger Issues

My passenger is drunk or disorderly, what do i do?
If you think your passenger is drunk and disorderly and you don’t want them in your cab, don’t get involved in any arguments. Simply cancel the job and let us know what happened. Tap ‘Get in Touch’ then ‘Email’ to send us a message.

What should I do if a Taxiapp passenger leaves something in my cab, i.e phone or bag?
If you think that you have some lost property that belongs to a Taxiapp customer, please tap ‘Get in Touch’ and then ‘Email’ in the App. By letting us know what’s been left and when, we can contact the passenger concerned.

Pre-Booked Jobs

What is a pre-booked job?
Pre-book allows a customer to book a ride in advance.

How are pre-booked jobs allocated?
Pre-booked jobs will be offered to all drivers as they become available. If these are not covered, they will be added to ‘Scheduled Jobs’ for drivers to browse and accept.

What are scheduled jobs?
Scheduled jobs are pre-booked jobs that have not been taken by a driver as yet. Please feel free to view the ‘Scheduled Jobs’ and accept any job that you are confident you will be able to cover. Tap the job details and press ‘ACCEPT’.

I have accepted a pre-book. How do I view the job details?
Any pre-booked jobs that you have accepted will remain on your home screen until they have been completed. To view to the job details, go to ‘MY JOURNEYS’ and select ‘PRE BOOKED’.

I have accepted a pre-book and need to contact the customer?
If you go to go to ‘MY JOURNEYS’ and select ‘PRE BOOKED’, you’ll be able to view the job details including the passenger’s contact information.

I have accepted a pre-book and need to cancel it?
It’s important to think if can definitely complete a pre-booked job before accepting it. That said, we understand you may need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. To cancel a pre-booking, go to ‘MY JOURNEYS’ and select ‘PRE BOOKED’. Here you’ll see the job details and you can cancel the job from here.

If you need to cancel a pre-booked job less than 10 minutes before the arranged pickup time we ask that you contact the customer and apologise, giving the reasons why you have had to cancel. They will need to re-book to find an alternative taxi.

With any cancellation, we ask that you send us feedback regarding the reasons for cancelling via the app. Tap ‘Get in Touch’ and then ‘Email’ to send feedback.

What happens if I cannot get to a pre-booked job, i.e. breakdown?
In the unlikely event this happens within 15 minutes of pickup, please ensure you cancel the job ASAP, so it can be re-allocated to another driver.

If the job is cancelled less than 10 minutes before the pickup time, the customer will be advised that the driver has cancelled and the job will not be reallocated. In this situation, we do ask that you also contact the customer and apologise, giving the reasons why you have had to cancel.

With any cancellation, we ask that you send us feedback regarding the reasons for cancelling via the app. Tap ‘Get in Touch’ and then ‘Email’ to send feedback.

How are pre-booked jobs reallocated if a driver cancels?
If a driver cancels a pre-booked job 45 minutes before the pickup, the job will be reallocated and offered to all drivers as a pre-book.

If a pre-booked job is cancelled by a driver with less than 45 minutes, but more than 10 minutes, to the pickup time, the ride will be offered as a ‘NOW’ job to all drivers.

Pre-booked jobs cancelled less than 10 minutes before the pickup time will not be reallocated, as there isn’t enough time to find an alternative driver. The
customer will receive a message saying their booking has been cancelled.

Will I get a reminder?
If you’ve accepted a pre-booked job, you’ll receive a reminder message 50 minutes before the pickup time.


How can i contact you?
There are 3 ways you can reach us.
1. In the App, tap ‘Get in Touch’ then ‘Email’.
2. Direct Message on Twitter @taxiapp_london
3. Send an email directly to

About Taxiapp

What is Taxiapp?
Taxiapp is London’s only cab app that’s wholly owned and run by the drivers themselves. We’re a not for profit co-op with one aim – namely helping to make sure that the iconic black cab doesn’t disappear from London’s streets. What’s more, as we’re 100% funded by our membership, we don’t put any extra fees on you or our drivers.

Do I need to register to use Taxiapp?
Yes, registering means that you can use all Taxiapp’s features.

Which operating systems can use Taxiapp?
Taxiapp is currently available for iOS and Android devices.


Do I lose my booking if I close the app?
No, the booking continues even if you close the app. Don’t worry, you’ll get an alert message just before you taxi arrives. Or if you leave the app open, you can track your taxi’s arrival in real time.

Can I book several taxis?
Yes, with Taxiapp, you can book up to 3 taxis at the same time. Just click the order button again after booking the first taxi.

Can I cancel my request?
Yes, but you should inform your driver anyway. Abusing the app can result in blocking of your account.

How will I know when my cab’s arrived and how will I recognise it?
As soon as your driver has arrived, you’ll get an alert. Also if you give us a mobile number, the driver will call you to let you know they’re at the pickup point. So you know you’re getting in the right cab, your booking confirmation also includes the name and phone number of your taxi driver and their vehicle registration.

Can I book a taxi in advance?
Absolutely. Just go to the ‘Booking’ section in our App and instead of ASAP pickup (our default), enter your pickup location and then select the ‘Calendar’ icon and set your preferred date and time.

Lost Property

Where can I enquire about lost property?
We don’t have a lost property department ourselves, but the first port of call would be to contact the driver directly. It maybe they have the lost item or they as all black cab drivers are instructed to do, they may have taken it to either a police station or the Lost Property Office (Transport for London) at 200 Baker Street, London NW1 5RZ. They can be contacted on 0343 222 1234.

Payment & Costs

How can I pay for my taxi?
With Taxiapp, you can pay via the app or by cash or card in the cab. It’s your choice. London taxis accept all major credit cards.

Does it cost anything to use Taxiapp?
No, you can download and use the app for free. There are no additional costs.

How much will my taxi cost?
The cost of your journey will depend on the distance and time of day the journey takes place. All our fares are regulated by the Transport for London.

There is a minimum fare of £3.00 at all times.
Times when the tariff currently applies.

Tariff 1 (Monday to Friday, 05:00 – 20:00):
Minimum fare of £3.00 and per mile fare of £1.99

Tariff 2 (Monday to Friday, 20:00 – 22:00, Saturday and Sunday, 05:00 – 22:00):
Minimum fare of £3.00 and per mile fare of £1.99

Tariff 3 (Every night, 22:00 – 05:00):
Minimum fare of £3.00 and per mile fare of £2.46

Accessibility & Children

Can your taxis accommodate wheelchairs?
All our taxis have wheelchair access facilities.

Can you pick up my children on their own?
Yes we can. All London taxi drivers CRB checked and Disclosure UK checked, so all passengers be they children or adults can travel with them with complete confidence.