1. Subscriptions fees have gone. Forever.
2. Lowest commission in the industry – 10% + VAT
3. 0% commission for all drivers until the 1st of June
4. Introduction of the ‘closest driver’ function, and jobs offered to one driver at a time.
5. We are also rolling out our Driver Rewards program, which will allocate points based on your billing. As a thank you to all current  drivers your historical subscription fees will be converted to points, and we will do the same for returning drivers if they re-join before the 31st of May. 

6. Reward Points will give you a proportional share of dividends at the end of the year – this is a profit share, with the goal that you will be able to further reduce your effective commission rate. All drivers will share, forever, in the financial success of TaxiApp


TaxiApp will always be run with the best interests of drivers at its heart. Below are the rules that are set out in the company’s articles that can only be changed if the majority of drivers support it. 

Drivers are and will always be the largest shareholders in the Taxiapp PartnershipDrivers will have an absolute veto on Taxiapp ever extending to Private Hire

Drivers will have an absolute veto on commission ever increasing above 10% +VATDrivers will have an absolute veto on selling Taxiapp 

A “veto” vote provides drivers with the right to reject a decision, or a proposal made by Taxiapp Partnership Ltd.

We’re the only cabbies owned app. The only one committed to protecting the trade. It’s our livelihoods the same as it’s yours. And we don’t want the corporates calling the shots.

 We’ll be honest, running the app isn’t free. Advertising. PR. Upgrades. It all adds up. That’s why we charge a commission – but it’s the lowest one in the industry, and no passengers = no costs.

Buttas, Veterans, Mushers and Renters alike. We don’t want to see our trade hijacked by moneymen. So we’ve all come together to fight back. That’s why Taxiapp is still owned and run by drivers




  • Download the App from App store or Google store. 
  • Open the App and ‘ALLOW’ us to send you ‘Notifications’ and ‘Access your Location’ when prompted.

           Enter your mobile number and tap ‘Request code’. You will receive an SMS, enter the number and press ‘Done’.

  • Next you will need a suitable photo of yourself and your Cab Driver Licence (bill) showing the licensing area. Once you have completed your details you will be pending verification.
  • We will verify your documents and once all fine, we will activate your account.
  • When you open the App for the first time,  you will be online by default, so you are ready for work
  • You will then be free to accept jobs on the App. 
  • Drivers are paid weekly.